Our Approach to Value Creation

Successful Entrepreneurs as Investment Partners
Our investment partners are a select group of successful entrepreneurs and family offices, who participate in the individual investments. This provides our companies with access to a network of industrialists and their wealth of experience and valuable relationships in a broad variety of industries and regional markets.

Strategic and Operational Transformation
We create value mainly by realising yet untapped potential for sales and earnings growth, rather than through financial engineering. We focus on strategic initiatives to increase sales and on operational improvements to achieve process efficiencies. We assemble for each company a specific Advisory Board with relevant sector and/or situational experience to support management.

Moderate Financial Leverage
Our approach to financing is conservative and provides our portfolio companies with sufficient flexibility to achieve defined growth objectives. A company’s financial leverage is driven by the requirements to achieve its strategic goals, and not vice versa.

Long-Term Focus
We are long-term focused and not bound by the time limitations of a closed-end fund. We therefore have the freedom and the flexibility to identify and implement for each company a tailor-made solution. For management teams this means they have the opportunity to realise long-term strategic objectives for their company and ensure the sustainability of any business transformation.